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Frequently askedquestions.

Dreamlash eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty trends that is continuing to grow. With the proper training and top of the line products I am able to give you the most beautiful long lasting lash extensions.

How is dreamlash different?

It is important to Dreamlash that all of our clients experience lashes that are suitable for their lifestyle. For this reason, you'll find Dreamlashes don't crumple or bend, even if they're slept on. This is because of the silk flexors in the lashes that keep the lashes flexible.

Why is dreamlash adhesive different?

While other adhesives dry to a rock hard finish, causing crumbling and breakage, Dreamlash's line of Quickie adhesives also contain silk-flexors that create a flexible bond. This is important because a smooth and flexible finish creates a hassle-free experience for you.

what exactly is lash artistry?

Lash Artistry is a combination of 3 key elements:

1. Being able to determine what your most flattering look is. What looks good on one client, may not look good on another as each person is unique and so are their lashes.

2. Meticulously applying Eyelash Extensions to your natural lashes, while taking the necessary precautions  to provide a safe & smooth application.
3. Making sure, you the client know that you are my top priority and that I have your best interest at heart.

what is in your adhesive?

All of our Adhesives are prepared in small batches, and are always Latex & Formaldehyde-free.


what can you expect at your appointment?

You will first be greeted, then brought upstairs to my Health & Safety certified lashing & Brow room. We will go over the consultation form. Part 2: you get to RELAX and take a lash nap. You will be pampered with some Bright & Beautiful Under-Eye treatments. During the lash application, there will be light music playing to help with the relaxation. Once I have completed applying all of the lashes possible you will Rise and shine and take a look at your new lashes.

Hopefully this has helped prepare you for your appointment. I look forward to perfecting your lashes.

what is your cancellation policy?

**Please give at least 24 Hours notice to cancel an appointment. Anything less than 24 hours notice will require the total amount of the missed appointment be paid prior to re-booking your appointment, and full payment will be due upon booking for all following appointments**

Thank you for understanding as our time is valuable.



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