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Necklace instructions

How To Make Your Beaded Necklace

Step 1: Opening the cork jar requires you to press one side of the cork lid. The cork lid may be tight, so keep pressing until the other side pops up, making it easier to remover the cork.


Step 2: Empty the contents of the jar onto a flat surfaced plate or tray. We don't want the beads rolling away from us.


Step 3: Preparing the box chain. You will need to slide the "bar" end of the toggle clasp off of the pin end of the chain.


Step 4: Remove one of the positioning stopper beads, place it to the side where it won't get lost. ( These positioning beads are used to keep the other beads in place, securing them so your necklace won't lose any beads.


Step 5: Before you start your beading process, it might be a good idea to organize and separate the different types of beads. Doing this will make it much easier to see all of the different design possibilities to make your unique necklace.


Step 6: Start beading your necklace by threading the "pin" end of the chain through the holes of the beads. Be sure not to pull on the "pin" end while beading.


Step 7: Once you are happy with your design, thread on the stopper bead that you removed in STEP 4. Now replace the "bar" end of the toggle clasp.


Step 8: You have designed your own necklace, now try it on! To attach the necklace ends simply slide the "bar" end of the toggle clasp through the centre hole of the flower.


Step 9: Wear your new necklace! Change it up as often as you like. Thank you for supporting my small business. I can't wait to see what you have all come up with.

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