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Brow Waxing

  Brow Waxing Vs Powder Brows: Which Should I Choose?

Brow waxing and powder brows are actually quite different. Which one you choose will come down to the goals you have for your eyebrows. Let’s dig in a little on these two methods of brow shaping.

Brow Waxing

Brow waxing has always been a favorite among those looking for thinner eyebrows and those who want the process over quickly. Wax is applied to the areas of your eyebrows that need to be pulled out and then it is ripped off.

There is soft wax, which requires that a cloth or a specific strip be applied to it for it to be pulled. Hard wax becomes the strip itself, so there is no need for additional materials.

Brow waxing is used to thin out very full eyebrows and to define the eyebrows. The best part about wax is it takes very little time for brow waxing- the most difficult part is applying the wax. After it is applied, though, it is ripped off in seconds, and it only requires a couple of minutes total.

The bad part about it is that it does sting for a second. After cleaning off the area, skin soother is applied to help that sting calm down. The pain lasts a shorter period of time than most other methods.

Powder Brows

Powder brows are more like microblading but still unique. While microblading tends to provide more defined needle strokes, powder brows are done with more of a powdery look. Depending on your eyebrow goal, microblading and powder brows can be applied together.

Powder brows are also often done in such a way that the brow is a darker color on the tail end and fades as it moves to the center of the face. This is called the ombre effect and makes your brows look even more natural.

Powder brows are a great option for those looking to add a bushier look to the hair they already have or those with thin brows looking for a thick and natural solution.
Whether you want to thin out your eyebrows or fill them in, I can help you reach your beauty goal. Schedule your consultation today so we can get started!

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